12-Week Training Camps

12 Week Adult Training

Intense boot camp style classes that meet four times a week (one hour a day) for twelve weeks. The classes are different each day but always include strenuous and grueling workouts. Activities include speed, power, reaction, agility, and quickness drills, along with cardiovascular and strength training.

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“while having the energy to deal with whatever life throws my way. I love having a team of coaches that pushes me harder than I have ever pushed myself and also having teammates that are always there to lift you up and make you want to better yourself. These two aspects of PLS make his training superior to the rest. I can honestly say that training with PLS has changed my life for the better”
Amber StackMadison, MS

Option 1 — 5:00 am – 6:00 am

Option 2 — 6:00 am – 7:00 pm


Winter/Spring — January- March

Summer Training — May-July

Fall — September- November

1-Month Interim Training available in April, August, and December

  • Madison Central High School
  • Jackson State University (Winter/Spring Only)

Early Bird: $630.00

Regular: $720.00