Paul Lacoste Sports: Changing Mississippi

When I first met Paul and Clark, I weighed over 350lbs and things got off to a rocky start on day one of my very first session. At the check in at Milsaps College you were supposed to say your name so they could check you off the list. Clark had his head down when I walked up and said, “Last name Ever, first name Greatest” – he flipped page after page and got frustrated that he couldn’t find the name – so then I said, “Well, you may find it under Neely, Daryl which is essentially the same meaning.” Now we all know Clark to be “The Nice One”, well on day one I succeeded in turning the “The Nice One” into the “Incredible Hulk”. It was so rough that I almost said screw this and walked out – and 5 years and well over a 100 lbs. later, I still haven’t walked-out, thanks to Paul Lacoste Sports (PLS) and especially my fellow teammates. The thing about working-out is that you can convince yourself that you’re giving it your all.

The thing about training with PLS is that you WILL give it your all because your teammates and coaches will not allow otherwise. And because you’re giving extraordinary effort, you get extraordinary results.

I honestly believe that PLS saved my life. I wasn’t on any medications or having any health issues that I was aware of, but looking back on it my quality of life and potential quantity of life was low- very low. PLS changed that. Dropping the weight, keeping it off and making a lifestyle change has actually been pretty easy. Easy because just like the other things that you’re most successful at in your life – you don’t do it alone. Yes, you can replicate the workouts of PLS. Yes, you can do the same drills. But nothing replaces the motivation and pushing you to give it your all like having teammates does.

Being pushed to the NEXT LEVEL by your coaches and being in the trenches with others really brings the best and the beast out of you. At PLS, you’re never alone in the deal. At PLS, no one is going to lie to you to spare your feelings.

At PLS, you’re going to get pushed to and through the truth. And the truth is, you can go to the NEXT LEVEL. One drill, one station, one day, one week at a time. And that same attitude goes with you the rest of the day.

You find you somebody you can’t keep up with, and you give it your all to keep up with them. One day you pass them, and you just don’t set your sights on keeping up with the next person – you also encourage the person you caught up with to keep fighting and pass you. Sounds crazy, but it works.

PLS has provided me with a new lease on life. I’m healthier. I’m happier. I’m faster. I’m stronger. And that’s not just in the physical sense. PLS is mental. Very mental. The 5:00 a.m. workout sets the tone for the rest of the day. For the most part, nothing the rest of the day is as tough as that hour, but the rest of the day is more rewarding because that hour was so tough. When it’s done, you can’t wait to get out of there. But when the twelve week session ends, you can’t wait for the next session to start-up.

Paul often talks about the “ripple effect” of PLS; when you stick to it people will see the change in you and they will also begin to change – even if they don’t join PLS. In the past five years, my daughters have embraced healthier eating choices. The oldest even became a vegetarian on her own. My son loves to go to the gym with me and asks about drills and workouts. My girlfriend and I often do fasts or smoothie cleanses together, as well as encourage each other to eat right. And my mother, who has smoked my entire life, not only quit smoking and has stuck with it, but she purchased and now regularly rides her stationary. None of these things “just happened” – they are ripples of PLS. On some level it is all connected and attached to the PLS program and my participation in the program. The “ripple effect” is real. If you change, and stick with it, people around you will start to change too – even if it’s never spoken.

PLS can change Mississippi – I know because it changed me.

C. Daryl Neely