Jackson, Mississippi native, Paul Lacoste, steps onto athletic fields with the subtlety of a stick of dynamite. He has been training youth, high school, collegiate, and professional athletes for over ten years. In the first 60 seconds of a workout it is apparent to any observer that training athletes rises above the level of personal passion for Paul. The phenomenal results of over 2,000 local athletes over the past year alone are a testament to Paul’s ability to squeeze performance out of potential.

Over the past few years Paul has also experienced the same level of success and results with his fitness training programs, and has had phenomenal weight loss results with hundreds of local youth and adults looking for a fun and challenging way to get in, or stay in, the best shape of their lives.

Since becoming an All-SEC linebacker for Mississippi State, Paul has racked up experience in the NFL, CFL, and XFL and was named CFL Rookie of the Year in 1999. Combine that with a Masters of Science in Sports Administration, as well as coaching experience at the high school and collegiate levels, and it is easy to see why Paul is one of the premier performance specialists in the United States.

In addition to Paul’s educational and athletic experience, he has a God-given ability to motivate. He brings a passion and intensity to his training that is infectious, and there is nothing he loves more than to see those he trains succeed!

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The Challenge

Jackson, Mississippi native Paul Lacoste is a force to be reckoned with. He is a lifetime athlete, playing as an All-SEC linebacker for Mississippi State and professionally in the NFL, CFL and XFL. After his professional sports career, Paul channeled his experience into training collegiate and professional athletes to be at the top of their game. As he trained more athletes over the years, he began to notice that his home state had an enormous problem with physical fitness. In fact, Mississippi was the most overweight state in the nation, something that didn’t sit well with Paul. “It’s no secret that we live in the capital of the most obese state in the most obese country in the world. We are literally the heaviest people on the planet,” he said.

The Solution

In 2010, Paul launched a crusade to conquer obesity in Mississippi and make its residents fitter and healthier. He targeted the state’s leaders– legislators, elected officials and even the governor himself — and challenged them to lead by example and get in shape. Paul encountered a lot of skeptics and naysayers when he started rallying support for his bipartisan campaign, Fit 4 Change has garnered nationwide attention and coverage from major news sources, including CNN, NPR, Fox News, People Magazine and Men’s Health. In its first year, Fit 4 Change recruited more than 100 legislators to be trained personally by Paul during the legislative season, and not a single one dropped out. Over the course of 12 weeks, they collectively lost more than 1400 pounds. State Rep. John Hines lost the most weight of all the participants, dropping more than 70 pounds. Going through intense workouts four days a week with other lawmakers also helped participants set aside their political differences and work together. “We feel good. I’m even loving Republicans right now,” said State Rep. Steve Holland, a Democrat who went from 359 pounds to 216 pounds during the Fit 4 Change programs. In 2011, more than 200 people participated in Fit 4 Change, shedding a total 3,043 pounds and 714 inches from their waists. In 2012, we saw the participants break all records losing over 3400 lbs. Paul Lacoste Sports also launched the Fit 4 Teaching program where 200 local teachers lost over 3100 lbs in 10 weeks and were able to incorporate their new healthy lifestyles into hundreds of classrooms. Mississippi is becoming slimmer and healthier because of Paul Lacoste Sports. Paul has vowed to get as many programs as possible statewide and change the nation’s perception of Mississippi!