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Nucor Bar Mill Group

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Nucor Steel in Jackson, Mississippi takes pride in being the largest producer of steel in the United States. Nucor is able to accomplish this while maintaining a culture of safety to ensure the well-being of all employees. This is evident from its involvement in OSHA’s Voluntary Protection Program (VPP). VPP is recognition for companies that achieve injury rates that are below the national Bureau of Labor Statistics average in the industry. In addition to its adherence to safety, Nucor is committed to protecting the environment. Nucor Steel Jackson has a metals recycling facility, General Recycling of Mississippi, which is one of the largest recycling facilities in MS.

Together they are a part of Nucor, the largest recycler in North America. Nucor is committed to doing business while being cultural and environmental stewards in our community. This is showcased by our participation in various community service projects and donations to multiple charities and organizations. All of these practices are exercised with our customer in mind. Nucor seeks to take care of anyone who is impacted by our business. This includes employees, shareholders, and those who purchase and use our products. We are proud to be a part of the MS Legislature Fit 4 Change program.

Mississippi Hospital Association

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THE MISSISSIPPI HOSPITAL ASSOCIATION (MHA) is a statewide trade organization dedicated to serving the health needs of Mississippi through serving those who serve us all – our state’s hospitals. MHA was founded 83 years ago and serves all types of hospitals, health care systems, and their patients and communities. MHA has 50 full-time employees who work in five different divisions: MHA, MHA Solutions, the MHA Foundation, Healthcare Providers Insurance Company (HPIC), and Stratagem, Inc. We also have under our roof the Center for Rural Health, the Office of Hospital Emergency Preparedness, and the Mississippi Office of Nursing Workforce.

There are 116 hospitals in Mississippi and most of them are members of MHA. The association is funded by dues payments made by each hospital, by commissions generated through endorsed vendor relationships (MHA Solutions), and through operation of our workers’ comp., unemployment comp., and medical professional liability insurance programs (HPIC). Several of the affinity groups mentioned as being under our roof are funded through grants from governmental entities and private foundations (housed under the MHA Foundation). MHA’s offices are located in Madison.

In 2015, MHA’s advocacy team is primarily focused on reimbursement and protections for hospitals as safety net providers. Mississippi’s hospitals are seeing a continual decline in compensation for care and constant changes relating to regulatory issues. Hospitals depend heavily on elected officials for decisions at both the state capitol and in Washington, D.C. These policy decisions have a big impact and influence our hospitals’ ability to provide care. As the rate of uncompensated care rises, hospitals look to our lawmakers to ensure they protect our viability as health care providers and as job producers.

Many people do not recognize hospitals are one of the state’s largest economic drivers. Our hospitals directly employ over 60,000 full-time employees—that’s over 5 percent of the state’s total workforce. We’re also responsible for an additional 34,557 jobs outside of our facilities. Put those two numbers together, and our hospitals account for more than 94,000 jobs across our state.

Payrolls and benefits at our state’s hospitals total over $3.2 billion in one reporting period alone! In most local communities, our hospitals are among the three largest employers, if not in total numbers of employees then in the size of our payrolls. Thirty-six hospitals in our state have over 500 employees each. The total economic impact of hospital payroll spending in Mississippi is $5.8 Billion.

Hospitals in Mississippi are not only caring for sick people—we’re providing major economic engines in every community we serve and actually represent a potential bright spot “growth segment” in Mississippi in years to come. We appreciate our legislative leaders for their dedication and look forward to working with them to make sound decisions on behalf of our industry.

The Jackson Heart Foundation

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Our Mission:

To lead the fight against heart disease in our local community through education, prevention, and early detection.

Our Goals:

To promote and safeguard cardiovascular health for our community.

To empower people through education.

To encourage healthy lifestyles for our families.

The Jackson Heart Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization founded in August 2009 with the mission to lead the fight against heart disease in our community through education, prevention, and early detection.

Mississippi is rated among the highest in the nation with incidences of cardiovascular disease. Based off of this statistic, we believe it is vital to the health and well-being of our citizens to educate and encourage healthy lifestyles for our families and to increase awareness among the public about heart disease prevention.

Our vision is a community where individuals live healthier and more productive lives because cardiovascular disease was prevented before it became a problem … a community where heart disease doesn’t affect each and every one of us.