Sports Performance Training

Sports Performance Training

Sports Performance Programs target the competitive athlete. Workouts are designed to enhance the specific skills used by that athlete’s sport and position. Speed, agility, quickness, flexibility, and strength are all addressed in these highly intense workouts.

PLS offers sports performance training to youth, high school, college & professional athletes in the following formats. Please check-out the programs below and give us a call if you have questions about which is right for you.

Professional Athlete Training

When your job literally depends on your athletic performance, Paul Lacoste is the guy you want in your corner. Whether you are preparing for the NFL combine, the rigors of the NBA, or the marathon season of Major League Baseball, training with Paul will fully prepare you for everything your “office” can throw at you.

Call for more details. References available upon request.

Semi-Private Training

This training is for the athlete wanting to get to the top of his or her game. Smaller groups allow for more individualized attention to form, mechanics, sport specific skills training & improvement in areas of weakness. Be prepared for the most intense, hour long training sessions of your life! No matter what sport you’re involved in, Paul’s one-of-a-kind training methods WILL deliver results!

Team Training

Take your team’s training to the Next Level! This is a great opportunity to maximize on your team’s potential, unity, and success. If you are a parent, athlete or coach and want training for your whole team, please contact us for a training schedule & details.

League Training

Take your league’s training to the Next Level – and for a great discounted price! If you are interested in league training for your athletic organization, please contact us. We would love to discuss all of the training options we have to offer.