Mississippi’s best-known trainer and health enthusiast, Paul Lacoste, and Lt. Col. Robert Bartran, Commander of the 112th Military Police Battalion, are spearheading a unique, first-of-its-kind program, Paul Lacoste Sports Next Level Readiness.

This 12-week training camp runs from September 3 – November 21, 2019, and consists of one-hour training sessions that take place four times a week, each week, at the Madison Central High School football field in Madison.

Paul Lacoste Sports is offering its Next Level Readiness program to members of the Mississippi National Guard free of charge, while expecting participants to meet certain guidelines along the way – attendance, completed pre- and post-medical assessments and fitness assessments, and a positive attitude.

The objective of Paul Lacoste Sports Next Level Readiness is for participants to be prepared for the newly implemented Army Combat Fitness Test, an annual requirement. Exercises completed during the training will help participants elevate every aspect – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual – of their health.

“I’m so excited about this history-making partnership and the opportunity to serve our Soldiers,” said Lacoste. “The men and women of the Mississippi National Guard embody what Paul Lacoste Sports is all about – discipline, continuous improvement, and a willingness to lead by example. ”

“Paul Lacoste Sports Next Level Readiness is exactly what our Soldiers need at exactly the right time. A combination of degraded physical fitness and obesity is keeping our men and women from advancing in rank and pay. In some instances, these factors are keeping people from establishing or maintaining any level of service in the National Guard, said Lt. Col. Bartran.”

Currently, in addition to the Next Level Readiness program, Paul Lacoste Sports is holding Fall Fitness Trainings in five locations across the state: Biloxi, Flowood, Greenville, Madison, and Pascagoula.